That is what BrightBuilt Home strives for above all else.  What do we mean?  It’s simple: that the elusive affordable low-energy high-performance home is possible.  The truth is out there…

…Let us show you where.  BrightBuilt Home offers a line of architect-designed, high-performance homes that are priced to offer substantial savings off the lifetime cost of a typical home and can be delivered in less time.   Sustainable is now attainable.  This is the BrightBuilt Home mission.


Just as we strive to make as small an impact on our homeowners’ wallets as possible, we also aim to make as small an impact on the environment as we can. BrightBuilt Home is committed to designing and facilitating the construction of homes that are efficient, comfortable, healthy, and environmentally-conscious. These Net Zero Energy homes are capable of producing as much energy as they consume annually.  We carefully analyze each home site and utilize the advantages of natural day lighting, warmth from the sun and natural ventilation to minimize your reliance on energy-sucking light fixtures and completely eliminate that fossil-fuel gobbling furnace. We use non-toxic finishes and adhesives, Energy Star appliances and water-saving fixtures in every home.