Ways To Build

BrightBuilt Home offers several approaches to writing the story of your new high-performance home.


At a price point equivalent to standard construction, with significantly reduced delivery schedules and shortened construction financing periods, modular construction has a proven advantage when building a new home. Choose the BrightBuilt Home path that makes the best sense for your timing, budget, and needs, and be well on your way to life in a beautiful, sustainable, attainable home that costs you nothing to heat and operate! Click here to learn more.


While BBH is a strong advocate of the modular construction path, it is absolutely possible to build a BrightBuilt Home using traditional stick-built on-site construction.  Several models have been built by this method already, and BBH is happy to work with any client interested in using BBH designs to realize his or her vision for a new home. Click here to learn more.


If you are a builder, or are interested in having a builder build you a high-performance home, BBH plans and specifications can guide you to success.  Our comprehensive design package, details, and product and performance specifications clearly outline the requirements for getting to net-zero at an attainable price point. Click here to learn more.